Designing A Home With Kids In Mind

How do you think, your family home should be? Keeping everything else part, it must surely provide a sense of freedom and safety to both adults and kids. A house there exists a balance between looks and functionality.

Being a parent brings a sense of pride? Whether small or big, you know a large portion of your home is resorted by playful minds, busy hands, tiny feet and sweet-n-silly faces. Well, designing a kid-friendly house is not a straightforward task. Parents of little ones would agree with the importance of baby proofing the house. The task of creating a kid-friendly space can be very energizing but easy, introducing bright colors and patterns to your home-sweet-home and embracing fun elements while decorating.

A few tips design a kid’s friendly home.

Invest in good furniture

While some think it as an absurd tip but investing in good furniture while designing a family home is a great start. Now, you may be concerned that your lil-ones will spoil the good things you bring into the house. The catch is, an item of good furniture lasts longer and looks great all the time. For example, by choosing a large sectional, you create a space for everyone to sit and relax together.

Welcome colors, shapes and texture, time to let go monochromats

Another thing a parent needs to be concerned is to create an environment where kids feel playful but dull. The easiest way to bring comfortable quotient to our home is by enhancing ambiance of the décor. But how? This can be done by welcoming shapes, colors, and textures to your space. These 3 facets can augment fun and lively touch to the houses.

Quick Fact: Introducing patterns can be very helpful in hiding spills.

  • Introduce a décor which is liked by both adults and kids

When deciding décor style for your home, you don’t have to settle for things that reflect lil-ones in your home. Did you know there are multiple décor options that adults may admire for its style & beauty and still be very fascinating for the kids? In that vein, search for décor items that create a balance through area rugs, pillows, décor pieces and paintings, that work for the whole family.

A few ideas that kids love:

  • Kids have a soft corner for bean bag chairs, they just love them. They create a wonderful resting spot after a tiring day. And your lil-ones will love choosing color and pattern of their chair.
  • Design gallery wall to reflect the fun style. Make use of bright prints.
  • How about a secret passage? A secret passageway from one room to another would be magical for them.
  • With kids, you are going have specific craft time, movie time, sleepovers, how about adding cute dinnerware to your kitchen.
  • How about a vivid and whimsical bathroom? Making a beautiful washbasin makes brushing less of a chore.
  • Try cute storage for toys and books. A wicker basket could be a great idea. You DIY for a customized touch.
  • How about putting rest to the basic white sheets and use some bright shades for your lil-ones.

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